Germany Tourism

Traveling is one of the best parts of the human experience. It’s even better when you can do it while seeing the sights, getting away from your everyday life, and making new memories with your friends, family, or business partners. With German tourism on the rise, mainly British tourists, it’s only natural that more people are starting to realize how magical a trip to Germany can be.


Germany is famous for its poets and thinkers, who have significantly impacted our world. Some of these people include writers like Goethe and Bach, inventors such as Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, scientists like Albert Einstein, and much more. Germans also happen to love Christmas, which is apparent from the countless fairytale characters in Germany. Another significant influence in their dishes consists of sausages and beer. Not only that, but there are some strange laws around these parts! For example, if a bird takes off from one’s arm – it is illegal to catch it without a special hunting license! Why? Because apparently, birds should be allowed to take off as they wish; this is a law that has been in effect since 1891, like Germany itself-its culture, history, innovations, and its people-are complex.

Experience the Life of Germany

In recent years, Germany has been the most popular tourist destination globally. The number of tourists visiting the country has almost doubled since 2006. The main reasons behind this phenomenal rise in tourists are the cultural and historic sites and the beautiful architecture. In addition, the country has a lot to offer to tourists in terms of art, culture, music, architecture, language, and technology. One of the unique features of German culture is that it is a culture that absorbs other cultures very quickly. Therefore, it is not difficult to find some elements of foreign cultures in the different regions of Germany.


Beautiful Cities of Germany



Berlin is the capital of Germany, and it's nine times larger than Paris. There are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice. Berlin is a fascinating city with a rich history. It has 960 bridges compared to Venice, which has only four hundred.



Bavaria is a state in Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is where most well-known tourist attractions are located. Truth is said, it's widely regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in Germany! There are lots of differences from trendy Berlin. From lakes to the German Alps, Bavaria has it all.



Hamburg is Germany's second-largest city and by no means second best! This busy port city has been thriving thanks to its many waterways. Hamburg boasts the most bridges globally and canals than any other European city - even more than Venice!


Fairytale enthusiasts, here's another story for you. Known for being the city of many fairy tales by the Grimm brothers, Heidelberg is a quaint little town situated in the southwestern part of Germany and well worth a visit.

Some Germany Pictures

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in Germany.


Beer In Germany

Germans have been making beer for ages, especially when it comes to the area called Bavaria. German beer has been brewed since 800 BC, and over the past couple thousand years, Germans haven’t lost their love for their all-time favorite tipple! As a result, the Germans are also known as one of the leading beer consumers in the world. They consume it so much that they have a name (Fernweh) for homesickness caused by a longing for a place where there is plenty of beer!

Gemany's Oktober Fest

In Germany, beer flows like water. Yet nowhere is this drink more revered than in Munich, where the people of this fair city throw a monumental party every year – the 16-day Oktoberfest. The word “Oktoberfest” literally means October celebration, and since 1810 everyone flocks to this festival to embrace the Bavarian spirit and cheer on the annual harvest goddess festivities. This unique German festival includes plenty of authentic German food and drink and many fun traditions for the whole family!


Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most beautiful locations in Europe, and it is located within the borders of Germany. The castle itself was built in the late 19th century and is among the most well-known courts in the world. It has served as the inspiration for many other castles, such as Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is also the castle that has become the logo of most Disney fairy tales.

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